…for contributors

If you want to write posts in this webpage, simply email me (Diego.Ibarra@dal.ca) requesting a username/password.


Remember that the main audience are students with no programming experience at all. However, there are some students with programming skills in Matlab and R.

Post structure

Although there are no hard rules… most posts should be arranged as follows:

  1. Descriptive title
  2. A brief description of what is the post about
  3. The final product (graph or figure)
  4. A “More Tag” (i.e. <!–more–>), which truncated the post and adds a “Continue reading” link.
  5. Code to generate the final product (see below for “marked-up source code”)
  6. Notes and comments

How to add marked-up “source code” in your post?

  1. First open a “code” tag: code language=”python” (in brackets [ ] )
  2. Then add your text.
  3. Finally close the “code” tag: /code (in brackets [ ] )

Learn more about posting marked up “source code”.

How to insert a “divider line” in a post?

  1. Click on the “Text” tab
  2. Add the following tag: <hr />

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