OceanPython.org is a website…

  1. to create a knowledge-base of python scripts for ocean- and marine-science applications
  2. to teach Python Programming Language to ocean- and marine-science students
  3. OceanPython.org is maintained by students, staff and post-docs at the Department of Oceanography of Dalhousie University (Canada)

OceanPython.org is kindly supported by MEOPAR.ca

Python is a (free) programing language commonly used for scientific applications.


1 thought on “About

  1. Dear all,

    We are trying to create a place that would collect small tutorials and
    tips and tricks related to use of Python in the Earth Sciences.
    Initial idea is similar to your website, that earth scientists are already have a lot of code
    written in Python but there is no place to share it. If you create a
    module, or after one week of struggle find interesting solution to a
    problem, there is no place to share this information, and you can be
    sure that after some time somebody will write similar module that do
    exactly the same, and spend the same amount of time to solve similar
    problem. We all write code that do the same things over and over

    So in order to address this problem we create Earthpy.org. If you
    have some examples for your module, or want to share anything else you
    think would be useful for other Earth Scientist who write in Python,
    you can send IPython notebook with your post to me
    (koldunovn@gmail.com) and I will publish it on Earthpy. If not, I hope
    you will visit us from time to time to see what’s new. Please feel
    free to share this information with other people or communities that
    might be interested.

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